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the story behind 

ʻUlu and Kalo Bakery

Several years ago, I began the journey of health. I decided to get physically fit, but little did I know that diet is equally or even more important. Upon realizing the importance of food, I began a lifestyle switch. As a result, I had more energy, clearer skin, and achieved better grades. It was amazing! I knew my next step after graduating from the University of Portland was to attend culinary school at Kapiolani Community College. After KCC, I gained experience at Kokua Market, The Nook, Fete, Fresh Box, and Eugene's in Bronte, NSW, Australia.


Throughout the years and these experiences, I developed an understanding and deep love for Hawaiian canoe crops. They connect me to Hawaiian culture and are so nutritious. I knew there had to be a way to bake with ʻulu and kalo while keeping it healthy and delicious. Several years after my journey began, I am so excited to be able to share with you now, my baked goods that integrate ʻulu and kalo with health-focused dietary lifestyles.